My Super Sweet 13(.1)

A 1st Half Marathon

69 Days Until… (The Run Gets Fun)

on February 18, 2012

True That.

Oof. I ran 7 miles today (okay, 6.50 and I interval’d the final half mile) and I was running on empty. All week long I have “Sat. 7 AM” on my phone, reminding me of my run. Today I slept up until 10 to 8; no breakfast, no stretch, just an “Aiee!” and a leap out of bed. I am proud that I’m always get my stuff for early morning runs together the night before, so I grabbed and sprinted out. We (we being the Highlands Blue Mile Training Group) were to run 75 minutes today, and I dutifully set my timer for 37 minutes and 50 seconds (half out, half back) for the first leg. It was a beautiful morning, and there are TONS of groups out training for the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon right now – by the way, can big groups yield to cars and other runners or just get in a single-file line, please, on the roadways? Let’s share the road, how ’bout? – and I was bopping along at a nice pace. I kept passing marker signs and seeing fellow group members, but I figured they’d just started sooner and thus were turning around sooner. I finally made it to a stop sign and checked my timer. I hadn’t hit start. D’oh!

This morning’s run taught me a lesson though, one which the folks at Blue Mile have mentioned in recent training emails – if you don’t fuel up, you’re going to burn out. The last leg of the run was pitifully slow, and I finally broke down and did intervals so I could get some rest. I could smell food at the restaurants near the store and was almost running because I wanted to get to some food quicker! A sample of my inner monologue: *breathe* Left foot, right foot *breathe* grilled cheese sandwhich *breathe* left foot, right foot granola and yogurt *breathe*. But I ran the longest I ever have today. Gold star!

Overall, this was a great training week. I did the group run with some Blue Mile folks on Monday, and not only were we rewarded with a glass of wine at Cumberland Brews, but I got to meet and talk with some new cool folks. and I had another conversation with a nice lady I’d spoken to at a previous Monday fun run. I kept pace with a seasoned runner who I’ll call H., and we ran up both the hills on the scenic loop, which is always a treat but is also now mandatory for me. We did about 3.3 miles on Monday and I did another 4 miles, solo with some new tunes, on Wednesday. So I almost made it to 15 miles this week. I stuck to the goals of my last post, and even managed to fit a gym visit (elliptical and core work, yay!) and yoga class into the schedule, which is becoming more hectic as I’m mid-semester, which means my work and my students’ work is coming at me hard at the same time. I also went to a guided meditation class – yoga nidra – which helped my work week (when am I not working, really, though?) end on a zen note. I’m proud of my running and training progress so far, and I actually look forward to running, something that never happened, no matter how positively I approached it, with the StairMaster.

The week after next begets a wedding, which means I won’t have the Blue Mile group to push me through, and the weekend after that I’ll be at a conference in Utah, so, again, I’ll have to make up for the length on my own. But at least the Rhodes City Run 10k is now a great deal less daunting – if I can run 7 miles on an empty stomach “accidentally” then I’m feeling pretty good:)


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