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60 Days Until… (Run Rabbit Run)

on February 27, 2012

Run Rabbit Run! (art by Peter Gander)

This will be quick; I’m pressed for time this month in a major way (the big dissertation is being overhauled all month long) but I did want to give a quick update. Still training dilligently with Blue Mile, eating okay (there are some gaps in my nutrition that I should fill, but granola and vanilla yogurt has become a new favorite snack), and I ran about the same distance that I did last week: 1 hour Monday, 50 minutes Wednesday, and 50 minutes with the Blue Mile group on Saturday. I also “discovered” (that word is so over and mis-used, but, like I said, I’m in a hurry) the joy of foam rollers this Saturday, and my Achille’s tendon, IT band, hamstrings, and lower back are begging me to buy a foam roller for home use. I’m considering it, but money’s tight at the moment – I’ve got a wedding this coming weekend and a trip to Salt Lake City for a conference the next. A $20 foam roller (they’re likely cheaper online or at Target) is not in the cards, but you’d better believe that I’ll be investing soon. They really help. I’m also looking into compression socks/sleeves for my calves, which sometimes feel like rocks. I’m constantly stretching my hips, which ache if I sit on the couch for more than an hour at a time (not very conducive to watching the Oscars while grading papers).

I’ve met a long-distance runner at the yoga studio I go to, and he and I were disucssing the importance (and I spoke with the Blue Mile folks about it as well) of the steady base-pace. I hate feeling like I’m holding back, but it’s really important for endurance and I found that out the hard way on my Monday run this week. The best approach I’ve found is “yogic” running, where I breathe like I would in yoga while running. This has worked in the past for swimming – you eventually go into this cardio-trance where you’re just slicing through the water – so I hope it’ll continue to work for my running. This week promises to be a great one in terms of runs – I’m going to run a couple of miles tonight before tonight’s fun run, Wednesday’s going to be a fantastically warm 70 degrees, so I’ll be out and about that afternoon, and then this coming Saturday, since I have to be in Greenville, SC for a wedding that night, I’m running the Reedy River Run 5k on Saturday morning! My Blue Mile trainer said it would be a good thing to do, though I originally was going foe the 10k (he said I’m overdoing it by aiming for the 10k – so while the rest of the Louisville Metro Area is participating in the first Triple Crown Race – the Anthem 5k – I’ll be racing too, just at a different course in a different state:) I’m excited for this weekend, and keeping positive as to all the work I have to do; kirtan chanting at my yoga spot has helped, and I’ve started to “chant” while running. Not sure if naming Sitta and Krishna will help me run better or faster, but it makes the miles go by a little quicker and makes me smile inside:)

I’ve got sooooo many blogs to read and post comments on; bear with me, I’ve not forgotten my fellow runners-bloggers!


One response to “60 Days Until… (Run Rabbit Run)

  1. 60 days that’s so exciting! I haven’t tried foam rolling yet but I really should, those 10 miles I did yesterday did not feel so friendly this morning. Thanks for the ‘yogic’ breathing tip, I’m gonna give it a try on my next LR 🙂

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