My Super Sweet 13(.1)

A 1st Half Marathon

112 Days Until… (The Training Begins)

Red Rocks of Coconico National Park outside Sedona, AZ - a great hike to usher in the new year!

Okay, the sloth is reforming. Ye Olde Routine is getting back into gear. Ye Olde Routine is basically three days of intense workout, three days of yoga, and one day of rest, though every day is a dog walk day. As the weather cooled off, I began substituting running for swimming, which is one of the big reasons I decided to do this half-marathon; if I was going to be slogging it out on the pavement all winter anyway, why not make a goal of it? I’m going to do a short run tomorrow, with hills and what-not, and the second leg of the Polar Bear Grand Prix, the Frostbite 5k is Saturday, so I’ll that takes care of that day’s required running. Sunday may be another hike or a rest day, I haven’t decided yet. All the traveling over the holidays blessed me with a nasty sinus-cold thing, which means that I can totally run (I did a mile at 5.6 and it was easy, but I warmed up – and Kleenex’d – with 2.76 miles on the elliptical) it’s just a pain in the arse to breathe while doing so. Plus I’m lazy – coming off the holidays, about to start teaching/working on grad school stuff again – and am cherishing my slow speed days of dog walking and yoga classes.

Luckily, I have two motivating factors pushing me up the hills and down the roads these next weeks! The first one being: I am officially signed up to run the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon! I tried to be all ambitious on New Year’s Day and register then, but the online thing wasn’t working properly and I was visiting a friend, but January 3rd, when we returned, I registered! Fun fact: when you register, you can donate to several charities, such as the Olmstead Park’s Green Team, which was my choice – I decided not to run for the team, simply because I don’t have time to raise money, plain and unfortunate as it is. I’m trying to graduate this May; running three times a week is commitment enough, but a friend of mine is running for the Parks, so please donate to her if you’re feeling giving!

As for the second running motivator, I signed up to train with a local running store, Blue Mile. I chose Blue Mile because they seem to have a good program in place, they’re a small business with experienced trainers, the benefits are comparable to the ones I discussed in the last post, and it was the cheapest and closest training space. I know we run every Saturday at 8 or 9 am, and the first day is the 14th. I’ll be running at least three times after the 5k and thus before training begins, and then I’m off on a “dissertation vacation” where I’ll bunker down and write. But I’ll be in Florida, so I will be really excited to run there. Mmm. Shorts. My final motivators are a couple of “tech” things I bought – I got a fleecy-microfiber long-sleeve running shirt, and I bought some good running tights – it helps to have decent gear, and I can run in my capris when it’s 20 degrees outside (it helped that I had a gift card to REI – and they’re holding their end-of-year sale – and an Athleta gift card, thank you Santa). Call me chicken, but I need some buffer between my skin and the wind:) ¬†When I spend money (and dang this stuff can cost you – $98 for running tights? I couldn’t pay that!) I use it. ¬†There’s lots of good stuff happening, and I’m happy to be back to where I was… at the end of November. Then December, while active, had little structure and lots of short runs – the key to getting into this thing will be adding a little at a time, and I need to slow my runs down in order to do so, and I’ve just about found my pace (it’s about 5.6 miles/hour for anything more than a 5k). So I’m moving in the right direction and excited for the Frostbite 5k this Saturday. Perhaps if I get some Vicks Vapor Rub and put it all over my nose, things might improve in terms of the breathing/running issue – I’ll let you know how it works out. Sniffle sniffle jog jog!

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