My Super Sweet 13(.1)

A 1st Half Marathon

119 Days (Reforming Sloth)

A visual metaphor for my run count this past week

Ah, the holidays. I packed my running shoes, a sports bra, and a t-shirt and running capris. Did I run? No. I took two walks, though I did sprint through the Atlanta airport (does that count as speed work?). This is not going to fly for my preparation for the half-marathon. However, it’s hard to travel between three states and maintain a 5k every other day, and a sinus infection (along with the annual Christmas holiday hangover) put the kibosh on my plans. Argh. I’m frustrated, but after our New Year’s trip to Arizona, I think I’ll be able to get into a groove. I have decided that I’ll be training with Fleet Feet, and I’m still debating as to if I want to raise money (never my forte) for Olmstead Parks with Fred’s Team. I’d need to raise $650, and while I think it’s a worthy cause, I hate asking people for money. Either way, an interest meeting concerning Fleet Feet’s Kentucky Derby half-marathon training is on January 3, and I’ve committed to going, if for no other reason than to get more info as to what to expect. I like Ken’s Training Studio and Swag’s Sport Shoes Training Resources, but both stores/group run locations are a bit further away from home than I’d prefer, and Fleet Feet’s schedule fits perfectly with my Monday and Wednesday teaching schedules. Also, Fleet Feet’s group training price is $75, which is more do-able for my budget. My next race is the second leg of the Polar Bear Grand Prix, the Frostbite 5k. It’ll be in the park close to where I live, with hills I am already familiar with and in weather that I already know slows me down. I’m excited, though; the more I talk to people about my half-marathon aspirations, the more achievable the idea becomes.

I’ve done a lot of reading on nutrition and spoke to my boyfriend’s brother in law about the two half marathon’s he’s run (he’s done the Nashville Rock n’ Roll half twice) which was helpful. “R” said that his training for the marathons involved a slow build-up of about an extra mile a week, and he didn’t up his strength training beyond what he already had in place. “R” said that the race was initially a daunting idea, but that proper shoes and a regular running schedule were helpful. He also re-iterated something I found out when I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: if you commit to a date and train for it, chances are you’re going to be all right. I think I’ll be taking on the Rhodes City 10k and am still on the fence on the Papa John’s 10 Miler, though “R” told me most half-marathon training programs peak at 10 miles, as the adrenaline on race day generally carries beginning half-marathoners through the final 3.1 miles. Maybe I should just pick one? I don’t know… Oh, decisions.

My original hope for today was to squeeze in a run, but I think I’ll hit the park for some intervals later, as my sinuses make it difficult for me to breathe. I found a fun site from a “slow” runner,, John Bingham, and, while I was pretty good about avoiding excess sugars (other than beer, dang it) over the holidays, I did find some great eating-for-running advice (reminder: you’re only burning about 100 calories a mile when running sorta slow, so gels and sports drinks will only kill your calorie burn, so weight loss might not happen when you’re running unless you eat correctly) on RunningPlanet. I’ll come back next week with, hopefully, better news to report (I’ll have been to the Fleet Feet Meeting by then) and my gym will be open after January 2nd, which enables me to cross train again. Today’s forecast, thus, is a dog walk, yoga, and maybe some interval work. While in Arizona, I’m lobbying for an easy (my traveling companions aren’t on a fitness regiemen like me) 2 mile hike in Sedona, which will at least give my legs some much needed work as I try to climb out of my sloth-like fitness schedule. Fie, holidays – I will train in 2012, rain, sleet, and snow be damned!

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