My Super Sweet 13(.1)

A 1st Half Marathon

41 Days Until… (plus a 10k and jitters)

The Rodes City Run 10k is complete! My first 10k!

Oh goodness. I haven’t been here in a week! I meant to post every week, but I didn’t this past week because I was out of town for work and my traveling and conferencing companion was quite into the event – normally I wander off a bit every day (thus time to while away online, though I didn’t bring my computer anyway), but not this time. It was a great time, and I got in a short little shuffle around Salt Lake City’s downtown (I poorly packed and was underdressed) and I truly only missed one day of running regarding the past three weeks of my training schedule. As I said in my last post, I got a PR on the Reedy River Run 5k, which made me proud yet still somewhat skeptical of the tomorrow’s (aaah!) Rodes City Run 10k. I’ve gotten my packet as of now; just writing about it makes me nervous. But I’m pre-writing my jitters and will fill you in tomorrow regarding the results of my first 10k. I’ve run 5 miles in a race and 7 in my longest run. And I’m sure I can finish this race. I’m just nervous that I won’t finish… well. My past two runs have been okay, but I was definitely tired and I forgot how thirsty I get when running in the warmer weather; I just didn’t feel in top form.

Part of the problem was a back-slide on a my long journey to stop smoking. Nerves regarding my work coupled with a travel partner who smokes made it easier to push my resolve to quit aside this past week (“only a few – what harm can it do?”); the biggest problem is the result – heaving up the hill in our recent beautiful (mid-70s!) weather showed me how much I did to my lungs in one week of travel and one – one – pack of cigarettes. But I know it’s bad and I have to keep learning (psycho) and re-learning that you can’t smoke and run. Done. It’s hard but I have to stick to it. I’ve been doing core work the past few days every time I want a cigarette. After 500 ball reps, you think twice about that urge.

I’ve also been really tired due to the time change, and two recent trips disrupting my eating/exercise schedule hasn’t helped. I’m quite a creature of habit, but now my habits – eating for fuel, eating good foods, not smoking, diligent exercises – such as core work and three-times weekly yoga classes – have become necessity for my training. And not smoking. While there’s an argument to be made for a happy medium, the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon is only 41 days away. That’s a little over a month. I need to cross-train more (thank goodness I pushed back my dissertation to December – I now I have time to do these things) and I got a new swimsuit so I can go back to my big love – lap swimming – since the weather is warming up. I’m positive, but I’m hesitant. My trainer at Blue Mile ended his email to me with “be confident in where you are” and I think that’s an important tip – we worry even though we’re doing our very best to prepare.

Oh, I do I hope I’m doing my best to prepare. I’ll update this with my 10 experience and post tomorrow. Perhaps I will be exhausted yet excited. I shall not get a DNF, and I will finish strong. Slow and steady, slow and steady… Oh boy…

UPDATE, 3/17/12: I finished the Rodes City Run 10k in 1:04:28! (Hence the photo for this post) I wanted to get in in an hour, but I walked at each water stop and took a little 30 second breather after mile three (sun in face. hot.). I am proud of myself, and it was so cool to begin St. Patrick’s Day with a sea of people running in green. Someone had a sign on the sidelines that said “Run hard now! Beer later!” and I must admit it motivated me:) I love the cheering squads on the side-lines, and I’m looking forward to (in a semi-masochistic way) the Papa John’s 10 Miler in the next couple of weeks! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone, and hope you’ve had a good week of running!