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53 Days Until… (Get into the Groove)

Sprinting toward the finish line in the Reedy River 5k - I am in front of the stroller, not in it:)

Back in Louisville and feeling a little south-sick (Louisville – and Kentucky in general – does not fit my definition of south for several reasons). I had a great time in South Carolina at my friend’s wedding, saw my sister, saw lots of wonderful friends, and I ran the Reedy River Run 5k! I had a great time running it… and I got a PR! I did it in around 30:06 minutes; that’s near a 10 minute mile! So close! It was nice to have a 5k available when I couldn’t do the Anthem 5k here in Louisville. And I would like to personally thank Cherokee Park‘s scenic loop for having two (either way you go, there’s always two) monster hills. Those hills have prepped me for running far more than I would have originally thought. I powered up the slopes on the Reedy River Run with no trouble, and I didn’t pause to walk once. It was a great Saturday, all in all.

My left hip is still giving me trouble. The ache is pretty obnoxious, and spending 16 hours in a car this weekend probably didn’t help it. I’ve been stretching and stretching (pigeon and square poses, for you yogis out there, seem to get to the spot) and I noticed that my left side, in general, is tighter than my right. Hmm. I shall consult with my yoga teacher tomorrow regarding how I can help myself with this. I might even go to yoga instead of running tonight; it snowed here early this morning and I’m not too keen on running on ice in the park. I’m wondering if Blue Mile will do their group fun run tonight if the roads are iffy? Might call them later.

I’m very excited about the Rhodes City Run 10k on St. Patrick’s Day; my Reedy River t-shirt is green, and I have a pair of green shorts, so if the weather’s right I’ll be in full leprechaun attire. Aside from fashionable running musings, I’m just getting very excited about running my first 10k. I think it’ll be fine – the farthest I’ve run is 7 miles so far, and I did okay. Getting ready to go to Salt Lake City this weekend for a conference – my running coach/trainer/mentor at Blue Mile said that the running in higher altitude would raise my red blood cells in a good way (I, who have been so effected by altitude before, should’ve known this) but I have to get the paper finished for the conference before I start thinking about running there… On that note, I’d better get moving on my long to-do list; hope everyone out there in blogging & running land enjoys a great week! I can’t believe there’s only 9 weeks to go until the miniMarathon, but I’m glad that I’m getting into a running groove:)

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